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Thank You For Your Partnership: Accountable For Performance


Our value, Being Accountable for Performance, means every decision counts. At First Transit, we are dedicated to doing the right thing to achieve our goals.

We are a people organization, providing easy, convenient mobility solutions to our communities. Each member of the First Transit team helps us keep people and communities connected.

Without our partners, none of this would be possible:

  • Maintained a customer satisfaction rate of over 90%.
  • Handled 875,000 calls through our NEMT segment.
  • Continued roll-out of our proprietary paratransit reporting system, First Analytics.
  • Transported passengers over 300 million miles.
  • Operated over 14,000 vehicles across First Transit and maintained over 38,000 pieces of equipment through our First Vehicle Services division.

This year, we were also grateful to renew more than 40 partnerships and added 16 new partners. We look forward to continuing to work with you in providing safe, reliable mobility solutions.