Thank You For Your Partnership: Setting The Highest Standards



First Analytics

At First Transit, we set the highest standards by continually seeking better ways to accomplish our goals. From implementing of new technology, to integrating operational improvements that drive value, we are dedicated to providing the best mobility solutions in the industry.

This year, one way we continued setting the highest standards is through the roll-out of First Analytics, our in-house proprietary paratransit reporting system. First Analytics provides visibility into live and historical analytics and daily operations utilizing specific transportation management software. Through the standard 25 dashboard and trend reports, First Analytics allows managers to make data-driven decisions that will improve KPIs, employee performance and operational efficiency without interruptions to operations. 

Learn how one General Manager utilized First Analytics at her location:

During morning pull out on a busy Friday morning, our transportation management system began experiencing technical difficulties. Call volume on the customer lines went up and driver calls to dispatch spiked momentarily because arrive and perform on the tablets ceased to function. I demonstrated the emergency manifest through First Analytics to the dispatchers and performed an all call to the drivers to tell them to perform their next pick up or drop off, then call dispatch.  We were able to use the First Analytics emergency manifest information to keep the system running. The data we gathered as the drivers called in was used to perform and arrive trips once our platform came back up. When thanking them for the info, we confirmed their next good trip or drop from the emergency manifests.  The drivers never knew the system was down and we remained on time throughout the outage.” – Julia, First Transit General Manager

In 2022, we will continue rolling out First Analytics across our operations, which will include several of our First Canada paratransit locations.

If you are interested in learning more about how First Analytics can support and enhance your paratransit location’s productivity and performance, contact your General Manager or email our Operational Support team at


Innovation in Action

As we look to the future of mobility beyond 2021, we continue to identify and seek opportunities to work with our partners to innovate. Read this month’s issue of METRO Magazine for a discussion on what is next in Mobility-as-a-Service with our Sr. Dir., Innovation and Technology Services Tina Morch-Pierre and Sr. Dir., National Innovation Derek Fretheim.