First Transit Announces First Autonomous Passenger Shuttle Pilot in North America with EasyMile

FT AV Shuttle

– First Transit, one of the nation’s largest private-sector providers of mobility solutions, has announced the first autonomous vehicle (AV) passenger shuttle pilot in North America.

First Transit, in partnership with EasyMile, will pilot the AV passenger shuttle at the Bishop Ranch Office Park in San Ramon, California. By fall 2017, the shuttle will connect tenants to multiple transit options including bus, bike and car-sharing services at the office park.

The AV passenger shuttle will run a fixed-route stopping at designated stops within the office park. The pilot will begin with two vehicles -- each with a customer service agent onboard for passenger questions and information.

The AV passenger shuttle is designed to travel short distances using pre-programmed routes. Each passenger shuttle is equipped with a sensor and intelligent vehicle system to detect obstacles and avoid collisions. Each shuttle can carry 12 passengers and can operate for 14 hours on a battery charge. 

First Transit is also providing onsite personnel to provide maintenance for the AV passenger shuttles at a facility provided by EasyMile.

“The AV passenger shuttle is also a great solution for first and last mile services, airport parking and university transportation,” said Sharad Agarwal, senior vice president, strategy and growth, First Transit. “We are proud to partner with EasyMile for the first AV passenger shuttle pilot in North America.”

The Bishop Ranch Office Park has 585 acres with 30 buildings, and is home to more than 550 of the world’s leading companies, including Chevron, General Electric and Toyota.

“We could not think of a better partner to work with for a pilot in North America,” said Gilbert Gagnaire, chief executive officer, EasyMile. “First Transit is leading the way in innovative transportation solutions across the globe.”

The pilot, without passengers, is currently in test at the Bishop Ranch Office Park.





About First Transit:
First Transit, Inc. has 60 years of experience and is one of the largest private-sector providers of mobility solutions in North America in North America, moving more than 350 million passengers annually. First Transit, Inc. provides operation, management and consulting for more than 300 locations in 39 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, Panama and India for transit authorities, state departments of transportation, municipalities, hospitals, universities and private companies. First Transit employs more than 19,500 dedicated transit professionals. For additional information, please visit

 About EasyMile:

Founded in 2014, EasyMile is a high-tech startup specialized in providing both software powering autonomous vehicles and the last mile smart mobility solutions. The company is headquartered in Toulouse (France) with offices in Singapore and Denver (USA). It also operates through value added resellers notably in Japan and the Middle East. EasyMile, with its workforce of 60 passionate employees, is a privately held company that is currently growing organically at a sustained pace.