First Transit Awarded the American Airlines Shuttle Operations Contract at Philadelphia Airport

First Transit announces that it has been awarded the contract for passenger shuttle operations for the American Airlines hub at the Philadelphia Airport.

First Transit will transport passengers on the ramp side of the airport between all terminals serving American Airlines. The contract also includes preventative maintenance at our on-site facility for the fleet of 12 shuttle buses.  

First Transit shuttles at the Philadelphia Airport travel more than 1,000 miles every day, transporting more than 1.5 million passengers annually with a staff of 40 people.

“My team is proud to serve the passengers traveling through the American Airlines hub at Philadelphia Airport,” said Chris Schukin, First Transit’s general manager of shuttle operations for American Airlines at Philadelphia Airport. “Great customer service is very important since we are often the first interaction a passenger has with the airport or the region.”  

In addition to the passenger shuttle operations for American Airlines, First Transit provides 24-hour shuttle services for airport employees between the terminals and their dedicated parking lots.