First Transit to Expand Operations to Panama

PANAMA CITY, Panama – First Transit announces that it will be partnering with the government of Panama to provide transit management for its bus system. The partnership represents an expansion of First Transit’s operations into Central America. 

“This partnership and expansion in Central America will allow First Transit to continue to expand upon our vision -- keeping people moving and communities prospering,” said Brad Thomas, President of First Transit. “We are fully committed to managing bus transportation that will provide safe and efficient services to the passengers of Panama City and San Miguelito.”

Last month, the government of Panama announced an agreement to acquire METROBUS. METROBUS operates 1,200 buses and seven bus stations, providing bus service to more than 500,000 daily passengers.

“First Transit, with 60 years of transportation experience, will be a great partner with the government of Panama,” said Roberto Roy, Executive Director of The Panama Metro and Minister of the Panama Canal. “They have a great deal of experience managing transportation operations in over 300 locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.”

First Transit was selected by the government of Panama for its global scope, scale and management expertise in providing broad transportation solutions.

“First Transit will bring a level of expertise that only an international transportation company can provide,” said Francisco Sierra, Minister Counselor of Panama. “We look forward to working with the First Transit team.”

First Transit will work with the 3,500 employees of METROBUS to implement a plan for management of the bus transit system. 

“The citizens of Panama City and San Miguelito deserve an efficient and modern transportation system," said Alvaro Alemán, Minister of the Presidency. “First Transit will be integral in making that happen.


About First Transit:
First Transit, Inc. has 60 years of experience and is one of the leading providers of transportation contract and management services in North America, moving more than 350 million passengers annually. First Transit, Inc. provides operation, management and consulting for more than 300 locations in 39 states, Canada and Puerto Rico for transit authorities, state departments of transportation, municipalities, hospitals, universities and private companies. First Transit employs more than 19,000 dedicated transit professionals. Please visit for additional information.

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