First Transit Top Performers Honored at Recent Conference

First Transit recently hosted their General Managers Conference, in Orlando, FL. During the course of the three-day conference, First Transit President Brad Thomas had the privilege of recognizing some the company’s top performers. Thomas shared with the more than 300 General Managers in attendance that, “People are the critical component to any success. We at First Transit have great teams full of great people doing great things. The individuals we are recognizing with these awards have demonstrated that they are standouts in terms of their commitment to our customers and their dedication to setting – and delivering on – the highest standards.”

Among those honored were nearly 60 First Transit and First Vehicle General Managers who were recognized for more than 20 years of service to our organization. Of these 60, there were 25 individuals who were recognized for more than 25 years of service. All of these employees received special commemorative lapel pins in recognition of their ongoing service to First Transit and to the customers with whom the organization partners.

The Award of Excellence was presented to one individual from each of the regions within the company. The individuals who received this award were selected based on safety record, customer survey results, operational statistics and the embodiment of the corporation’s vision and values.

First Transit Awards of Excellence were presented to:

Thomas Teal

General Manager, Operations
East Region
Concord, NC

Chris Bowling

General Manager, Operations
Central Region
Houston, Texas

Charles Brockwell

General Manager, Operations
West Region
El Centro, CA

Larry King

General Manager, Operations
Transit Management
Muncie, Ind.

Michael Petrucci

Deputy General Counsel
Cincinnati, OH

One individual was honored with the President’s Award. The recipient of this award is identified as having consistently demonstrated extremely high standards, as well as strong company leadership and commitment. This year’s President’s Award was presented to General Manager Carol Faye from First Transit’s Chicago Call Center.

The David L. Ringo Award is named in honor of the founder of American Transportation Enterprise (ATE), the predecessor to First Transit. This award is presented to one individual who clearly demonstrates commitment to the organization and leadership within the organization; has made a lasting impression on the organization; and, embodies the organization’s vision and values.

This year’s David L. Ringo Award was presented to Stu Livensparger, District General Manager, Operations, in Denver, CO.