Capital Metro to Test Hydrogen Bus in University Shuttle Service

Contact: Timothy Stokes

Capital Metro to Test Hydrogen Bus in University Shuttle Service

CINCINNATI — Capital Metro passengers and University of Texas in Austin students were recently introduced to the area’s first environmentally friendly bus. The bus is a prototype manufactured by Proterra that will showcase and test hydrogen fuel cell technology in an advanced electric drive transit bus. This new transit vehicle is scheduled to begin operating among the 93 university shuttles already in service. The bus will assist Capital Metro in promoting its green initiatives to the community, as well as a new environmentally friendly form of local transit.

“We are pleased to receive this new environmentally friendly bus from Capital Metro and assist the transportation system in providing a greener transportation service to our customers,” said Scott Lansing, general manager, First Transit.

First Transit is proud to be a leader in working with transit authorities to promote green transit services, as many of the company’s locations provide energy efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles throughout North America. Currently, the Proterra bus will be utilized in the shuttle service for an entire year. This bus is funded by a grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Federal Transit Administration.

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