Nick Promponas Returns to First Transit as Senior Vice President

CINCINNATI, OH - First Transit's President, Michael Murray, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Promponas to fill the position of Senior Vice President, West Region, vacated by Nick seven (7) months ago when he took a position with Valley Metro in Phoenix. His appointment is effective August 15, 2007. 

Promponas is a 17 year veteran of First Transit when he took a new challenge in his career last December, trying his hand at a public sector leadership position. While Nick was very well received and certainly had a lot to offer Valley Metro, his heart seemed to keep guiding him back to First Transit. When he saw his vacant First Transit position hadn’t been filled as of June, one inquiry led to another and he’s been happily reappointed to his position.

Please join us in welcoming Nick back home to First Transit!

In addition, Murray would like to compliment and thank the entire West Region staff who continued to manage the day to day activities of the Region during the past seven (7) months. In particular, he invites everyone to thank Don Swain for serving above and beyond the call of duty, stepping in as Interim SVP of the West Region for those many months and providing support and direction needed during that time!

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