Clermont Transportation Connection Renews Contract with First Transit

CINCINNATI, OH – First Transit, Inc. has been awarded a one year contract to continue providing management services to the Clermont Transportation Connection in Batavia, Ohio beginning January 19th, 2007. Ben Capelle will continue to serve as the Director and be supported by John Woodford, Region Vice President of Transit Management Services.

The Clermont Transportation Connection, or CTC as it is known locally, has been in operation since 1977. The service was initiated as a rural paratransit operation serving the needs of predominantly elderly residents as well as citizens with mobility impairments. It is operated as a department of Clermont County, which has a population of over 200,000 and covers an area of 458 square miles. In 2004, the system moved from rural to urban funding as a partner in the regional transportation network of systems in the Cincinnati Urban Area.

Since its inception, the operation has developed as the county has grown, and now operates 18 vehicles as well as contracting for fixed route services with the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority. The service is available to county residents 6 days a week and is funded through a combination of county resources and grants from the Ohio Department of Transportation and Federal Transit Administration.

Currently, the operational focus continues to be access to educational, medical, and employment opportunities for county residents. For many people CTC is their primary transportation mechanism, as well as non-emergency Medicaid transportation. CTC is looking into the future for ways to improve how it provides service to the citizens of the county. With the county growing rapidly it is an exciting time for CTC and many changes are in the not too distant future.

First Transit, Inc. has more than 51 years of experience and is a leading provider of passenger transportation contract and management services in the United States, providing operation, management and consulting for nearly 150 systems in 45 states, Canada and Puerto Rico for transit authorities, state departments of transportation, federal agencies, municipal organizations, and private companies. First Transit employs more than 6,500 dedicated transit professionals.