Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), located in Columbus, Ohio has been a partner of First Transit’s for over 14 years. Beginning in 2006, COTA’s paratransit services operated by First Transit currently employs over 150 people and utilizes a fleet of 69 vehicles. First Transit partners collaboratively with COTA to work toward their vision to be the region’s transportation leader, providing safe, reliable and on-time paratransit services. 

In 2017, the Central Ohio Transit Authority renewed their partnership for three additional years with the option to renew for two additional years.


COTA desired improvements in on-time performance (OTP), raising the bar with an expectation of 95% OTP. 


To rise to the challenge of increasing on-time performance, First Transit implemented new procedures and processes to reach and exceed COTA’s expectation of 95%. These solutions included shift changes to allow for better vehicle utilization, increasing the number of standby drivers available in case of late arrivals, time checks by road supervisors and scheduling changes. Additional efforts also included more thorough and earlier identification of possible issues by dispatchers, improved communication and a re-emphasis on operator training and coaching. 


First Transit now consistently exceeds COTA’s on-time performance objectives, averaging 95.2%, a source of pride for the entire First Transit team.

The solutions implemented into the daily COTA operations have proven to be effective, resulting in a consistent OTP percentage, exceeding their expectations. First Transit’s COTA management team continues to monitor OTP on a daily basis with the help of all location employees. With the team mentality and focus on accountability, our fully-staffed COTA operation is dedicated to the location’s success in continually meeting this KPI.