First Transit Success Stories

SUCCESS STORY: Illinois Department of Healthcare and Human Services - NETSPAP Call Center

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Human Services - NETSPAP Call Center 

Summary of the Client

First Transit has been in partnership with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Human Services (HFS) in the provision of Non-Emergency Transportation Services Prior Authorization Program (NETSPAP) services since 2001. NETSPAP is a program of the HFS dedicated to help Medicaid Participants who have limited access to non-emergency transportation to and from a Medicaid covered health care services.

The Challenge

Maintain the highest standard of program integrity on behalf of the citizens of Illinois by identifying fraudulent trips and ensuring each trip is provided in the most cost-effective manner that meets the client’s individual needs.

The Solution

Over the course of our partnership, we have brought our wealth of Non-Emergency Transport (NET), Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) knowledge and call center expertise together to improve process and design systems for HFS. Additionally, First Transit’s experience as a transportation provider at hundreds of operations across North America is key to our success in NEMT operations. We understand the challenges service providers face on a regular basis – and with best practices and corporate experts in transportation operations, safety and maintenance, we serve as a resource to providers. 

Measurable Results

For two decades, the First Transit team has proven to be a results-focused and committed partner to HFS in the delivery of NETSPAP services.

In our most recent annual report, our team exceeded all HFS department goals:

  • Average talk time by our CSRs was 4:32 minutes, ensuring participant needs were addressed efficiently
  • Achieved a 5.34% overall average abandonment rate, well below the Department’s contractual requirement of 7%
  • Completed the validation process for 10,364 pre-transportation trips, surpassing the 8% contractual requirement for pre-transportation validations
  • We successfully validated 91.48% of the trips selected for validation, while 5.81% failed validation. The other 2.71% trips were recorded as unable to be validated.