First Transit Success Stories



Summary of the Client

As the preferred fleet maintenance Contractor for the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department (DCMPD) for almost twenty (20) years, our commitment to ensuring law enforcement vehicle safety and reliability through cost-effective fleet repairs and world-class customer service is second to none. The fleet consists of over 1,600 vehicles and pieces of equipment and serves over 700,000 citizens living in the District of Columbia.

The Challenge

Each of the First Vehicle Services client locations faces its own set of unique challenges and obstacles – the fleet maintenance operation at DCMPD is hardly the exception to this rule. The First Vehicle Services technicians and staff work tirelessly every day to be sure that the Department’s standards are met or exceeded, even in high-priority situations and emergencies common in our nation’s capital, including the following:

  • Inaugurations and other presidential motorcades 
  • Protests, marches, and other demonstrations and City events
  • Weather-related emergencies 

The Solution 

We have served DCMPD since the inception of our partnership in 2002 through efficient management of our tailored preventive maintenance program, ASE certified technicians, and industry leading safety program—all resulting in managed cost and increased efficiency cost for DCMPD.

The First Vehicle Services management team for DCMPD has over 150 years of combined fleet maintenance experience; combined with nearly two decades in partnership, we have proven capability serving some of the largest municipal law enforcement departments in the United States. 

Measurable Results

  • The First Vehicle Services team continues to exceed DCMPD’s expectations by:
  • Maintaining greater than 96% Overall Fleet Availability for the duration of the contract.
  • Meeting and exceeding the contract standards for the number of new vehicles in service, both parked and unmarked, as well as decommissioned units
  • Continuing to focus on safety, with over five (5) years without an accident.
  • Providing support during the 2013 and 2017 Presidential Inauguration with additional staff on-site throughout the Inaugural week.
  • Staffing the shop for 24 hours-a-day during both 2013, 2014, and 2016 snow blizzards and assisting in every way possible during the snow emergencies to keep cars on the road.
  • Providing flexible scheduling and “on-call” status during all major City events 
  • Participating in the Project Empowerment DOES Transitional Employment program in 2016 and hiring a participant.
  • Working diligently with the Department of Small and Local Business Development to foster new relationships and recruit new vendors as partners, which in turn increased revenues for DC-based businesses.
  • Instituting an Automotive Apprenticeship program, approved by the DC Apprenticeship Council, and now employ our two apprentices.
  • Performing two major manufacture recalls successfully.