First Transit Success Stories



Summary of the Client

Denver Regional Transit District (RTD) is the regional public transit agency in the greater Denver, CO area. It operates over 2,300 sq. miles and serves more than three million people. First Transit began providing fixed route service to three of the four Denver RTD fixed route contracts in 1988. Beginning in 2002, First Transit took over operations for the Paratransit Call Center. This call center is the central hub for all paratransit reservations, dispatch, scheduling, and customer calls.

The Challenge

Denver RTD wanted to improve the on-time performance (OTP) of their paratransit service. They reached out to First Transit to help implement change from the call center side of the operations.

The Solution 

First Transit worked with the RTD and the other contracted paratransit service providers to develop action plans for improved productivity. We designed a process that allows for our dispatch to track the daily open routes for the RTD through RouteMatch technology, allowing them to move rides among routes depending on the need. First Transit also instituted new scheduling techniques to create extended mid-day breaks for the drivers instead of shortening runs. 

First Transit recognized the value of technology to help improve daily OTP. We worked with the client and helped test, train and implement a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to roll out for paratransit operations. With this new system, passengers receive automated voice reminders regarding their upcoming trips.

Measurable Results

These improved processes, along with the use of the IVR, have increased the OTP of the Denver RTD paratransit services. Since the implementation of the IVR system, there has been a decrease in the number of no-show passengers, as the reminder call allows passengers to cancel their trip in advance if they need to. 

First Transit’s innovative processes for scheduling and dispatching have also had positive impacts on daily service. Dispatchers are able to track and move rides depending on the daily need, an improvement that was recognized by the client.