First Transit Success Stories


City of Phoenix

Summary of the Client

The City of Phoenix Fixed Route Services is the member agency within Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority (RPTA). First Transit has operated the fixed route contract for the City of Phoenix since 2007. The 397-employee operation has a fleet of 167 vehicles. First Transit partners with the city to deliver on their vision of enabling people in Maricopa County to travel with ease using safe, accessible, efficient, dependable, and integrated public transportation services.


The Challenge

The City wanted to see a measurable increase on-time performance and enhanced service delivery in other key performance areas.

The Solution

First Transit created a comprehensive solution – coupling new operational approaches and technology tools to achieve results.  Operational efforts included enhancing the supervisory monitoring of buses leaving the gate – ensuring on-time pullout, and ensuring dispatchers were better informed dispatchers to provide more proactive support. Additionally, new technologies were introduced to bridge the gap between the current manual system and the implementation of AVL devices.

A daily KPI Report provided by First Transit’s management team to the City was created. This report clearly and effectively describes the previous day’s performance, allowing for additional transparency and collaboration to identify trends and achieve continuous improvement.

The Director of Safety and Training holds several safety meetings per month to relay safety, organizational, and customer service issues to staff. Other discussions during these important meetings include recent accidents, complaints, commendations, route changes, bus conditions, on-time performance and ways to overcome challenges often faced. In this forum, feedback is gained from operators, technicians, and other operational staff. All meetings are posted and promoted in the operators and technician break areas as well as in the dispatch area.

Measurable Results

This approach has proven to be effective, resulting in an overall improvement in OTP.  The most significant improvements have been by lower performing drivers, who are coached regularly to overcome challenges. The First Transit staff continues to address on-time performance by driver, monitored daily with immediate follow-up to the operators who are performing below the OTP target – increasing accountability and driving results. Also contributing to the increase in OTP - the location is nearly fully staffed with qualified drivers, mitigating the national challenge of driver shortages and the impact that can have on system reliability