Partnership with a local technical college produces outstanding results

May 11, 2018

atc augusta

For several years, our location in Augusta, Georgia, has partnered with the Augusta Technical College (ATC) on various projects, and General Manager Matthew Bean serves as chairman on the college’s advisory council. As chairman, Matthew helps review the college’s curriculum and advises ATC on industry trends and how to groom their future graduates to succeed as technicians in the automotive industry.

In April, ATC was awarded the Master Automotive Service Technology Accreditation from the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Education Foundation.

The location was instrumental in the school receiving this accreditation due, in part, to Matthew’s role on the advisory council and because of the guidance Lead Technician Paul Anderson provided during the accreditation review.

Paul, a graduate of ATC, spent more than 10 hours assisting the school during the accreditation process and made himself available during the ASE site visit.

“First Vehicle Services welcomes the partnership with ATC,” said Matthew. “It is a win-win situation for both parties. FVS reaps the rewards of giving back to our local college, and we recruit ATC graduates.”

Currently the location employees five ATC alums, as well as a student who is currently doing an internship at the facility.

“Shortage of technicians in the industry will continue to grow if we don’t help these local technical colleges,” said Matthew. I encourage other FVS locations to reach out to their hometown automotive programs and see how they can help them succeed.”