Transit Authority of River City and First Transit:
Creating a Superior Passenger Experience

The Transit Authority of River City (TARC) Paratransit service is a shared-ride public transportation system, enabling routes and schedules to be structured to transport multiple passengers on the same vehicle to multiple destinations. By working with First Transit, TARC received not only and experienced partner, but new technology solutions to improve paratransit service in the Greater Louisville area.

The smooth transition to First Transit’s operation in October 2012 brought the newest technologies for TARC’s central dispatch. This included equipping the fleet with Trapeze Ranger mobile data terminals and implementing the latest operational tools and reporting options via First Transit’s proprietary Info-Manager product. As an all-encompassing analytical technology solution, Info-Manager is designed to assist with more efficiently managing and maintaining daily operational performance.

With the Command Console tool, dispatchers are able to work proactively with live-day service, making better and more agile decisions about managing service. Simultaneously, Info-Manager scheduling tools are applied by the TARC scheduling team, who leverage the existing scheduling system data in a more meaningful and productive way. 

Within six months of deploying the software at the TARC location, the analysis of information produced from our Info-Manager product allowed us to identify two bugs within the local scheduling software which had been causing several reporting discrepancies.  Because of this we were able to work with the software company and the TARC team to get some resolution on fixing these issues and increase the accuracy of how our exceptional service was operating.  Additionally, TARC has embraced First Transit’s numerous custom Info-Reports to enhance service understanding, relying upon the support and expertise of the First Transit team to create a customized repository of information regularly used to make sound decisions for continuous service improvement.

Through Info-Manager, as well as our exceptional safety and training programs, this location was awarded the Outstanding Operations Team Safety Achievement award by our parent company, FirstGroup in summer 2013.

“…[The Info-Manager product has] been invaluable on many projects.  Some useful queries that come to mind are: New ways to look at on- time performance; travel time analysis; new scheduling tools; prescheduled window analysis; analysis of when customers made reservations; and more accurate view of vehicles in service simultaneously. The Run Cutter will be an essential tool.”

- Priscilla Rao, Director, TARC Paratransit & Customer Service