Industry Leading Fleet Maintenance

Our industry leading fleet maintenance solutions keep your vehicles running on the road each and every day.

Delivering a consistent level of mechanical performance requires meticulous processes, reliable equipment, and skilled people committed to providing safe, efficient, on-time vehicles.

Regardless of the locations we serve, the type of vehicles in use, or the services we provide, every effort is taken to make sure our passengers and clients are afforded a level of care and attention that comes with being the best in the business.

Our guidelines for successful maintenance are as follows: 

  • We make every repair in accordance with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. This is the most cost-effective and efficient approach to assuring proper vehicle operation.
  • Preventive maintenance is a priority. This continuous process improves the manner in which we can diagnose and address issues before they become more costly and detrimental to our level of service. 
  • The use of well-trained and skilled technicians leads to accurate problem diagnosis, reduced repair costs, and increased vehicle availability.
  • Complete and accurate maintenance records allow us to make rational, logical decisions regarding our vehicles and equipment.
  • We empower each employee with quality control responsibilities. This improves employee morale and productivity, increases their quality of work, reduces the occurrence of repeat repairs, and maximizes fleet and equipment availability.
  • Clearly stated performance standards establish shared quality expectations and serve as a guide for management oversight.
  • Tracking inventory by individual part and repair improves inventory management and historically based stock levels.

Power of Network

Together, FirstGroup America is responsible for the safe operating condition and asset lives of over 110,000 vehicles and equipment, making our industry-leading company an exceptional partner for the maintenance of the your fleet. 

Nationwide, First Transit manages and operates 11,200 vehicles, with direct maintenance performed on 8,700 vehicles. Our First Vehicle Services division directly maintains 38,550 pieces of equipment ranging from fire trucks to large buses to small grounds maintenance equipment.   

Why First Transit?

Outsourcing fleet maintenance can help you achieve immediate and long-term cost savings by reducing parts costs and increasing fleet operating efficiencies. Streamlined processes, improved productivity, and increased fleet availability result in a smooth fleet operation.

Our customized fleet maintenance programs can help you:

  • Reduce parts costs up to 30% or more by leveraging our unmatched buying power as North America's leading provider of transportation services
  • Reduce your need for spare vehicles with an optimally maintained fleet and repair turnaround times that take hours instead of days or weeks
  • Increase resale value of your fleet's vehicles through proper maintenance
  • Enhance cash flow by reducing parts carrying costs
  • Manage fleet costs and meet budget goals through fixed-cost guaranteed pricing or time and material contracts
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University of Southern California and First Transit: Join Venture Results in Long-Term Relationship

University of Southern California and First Transit: Join Venture Results in Long-Term Relationship

First Vehicle Services partners with the USC for the management and maintenance of 123 units.

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