Employee Engagement is Crucial to Transit Safety

Aug 07, 2015

Thomas J. Harris
Vice President of Safety and Human Resources

Safety is crucial in transportation, which makes it a top priority for transit businesses. “Motor vehicle crashes cost employers $60 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage and lost productivity,” OSHA stated. “When a worker has an on-the-job crash that results in an injury, the cost to their employer is $74,000 and costs can exceed $500,000 when a fatality is involved.”

First Transit focuses on adapting its safety programs according to the needs of its employees, passengers and drivers’ needs. The program’s focus on engaging employees in safe driving practices to keep safety in front of mind, always:

 1. Employee Safety Incentive Programs
Engaging employees through incentive programs keeps an emphasis on safe practices while rewarding valuable employees. First Transit offers both short-term and long-term incentives to employees for engaging in safety activates, such as monthly safety meetings, and maintaining safe driving records.brad tim willie

First Transit also engages employees in the implementation of such programs. When First Transit kicked off their 2016 World Class Safety Olympics incentive program, Willie Carter, a First Transit driver for Escambia County Area Transit (ECAT) in Pensacola, Florida, was recognized for driving for over 40 years without incident. In recognition for his dedication to safety, Willie was selected to deliver the ceremonial Olympic Torch to First Transit President Brad Thomas and Safety Vice President Tom Harris at a special ceremony at the company headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

 2. One-on-One Training
All of First Transit’s drivers benefit from one-on-one behind the wheel training from our TSI-certified instructors. This standard provides individualized training for each driver, encouraging safe practices. First Transit’s TSI-certified instructors are registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT), which provides unmatched training regulation and compliance.

3. Transit Technology
Transit technology is constantly changing and can easily become outdated. Staying ahead improves operation’s efficiencies and reduces costs. Technology such as DriveCam engages drivers through alerting them when unsafe driving habits occur and allows opportunities for retraining.

For 60 years, First Transit, Inc. has provided all-around expertise to both public and private transportation systems including every facet of transportation operations, maintenance, and administration including cost effective solutions. As the nation’s leading provider of public transportation contracting and services, we know transit.