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Whether you are serving a small community, or a big municipality, a knowledgeable and experienced management team is central to providing safe, efficient, cost-effective transportation. But finding, developing and retaining such talent can be difficult.

Our transit management model means that you retain control and accountability for policy, fares and budget. First Transit provides a management team to deliver your objectives.

By contracting with us, you get much more than just a manager. With five decades in the business and a nationwide footprint, we invest in identifying and developing talent, and put that to best use for you.  Backing them up is an unrivaled network of expertise, information, best practices, support and training.

What We Offer

Each one of our transit management services customers can count on five levels of support:

  • A dedicated and experienced local management team
  • A regional vice president to oversee the transit system and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Experienced technical professionals who enhance transit system efficiency and effectiveness
  • Value-added services that can help save money and gather relevant transit information for decision-making
  • Access to a national network of customers and staff to share information and experiences – such as labor relations and maintenance best practices

Why First Transit?

Count on First Transit for management expertise in:

  • Daily operations and service standards
  • Routes and scheduling
  • Fare structure
  • Budgeting, accounting, and purchasing
  • Safety
  • Equipment and facilities utilization
  • Marketing, advertising, and public relations
  • Administration of contracts for special transit services

Consulting: A Clear Picture of Your Transit Operations

First Transit can perform in-depth assessments of your transportation operation on a short- or long-term basis. Establishing operational proficiency and effectiveness is key to providing timely, safe and customer-friendly service.  Our consulting experts will review day-to-day vehicle operations, safety practices or maintenance procedures, uncovering transit system quality and efficiency issues.

What We Offer

We pioneered the comprehensive operational analysis model and broadened our transportation consulting expertise to meet customer needs. Our consultants assist in functional areas of public transportation operations, maintenance and administration. First Transit’s technical staff of professionals can assist with projects including:

  • Operator monitoring services
  • Comprehensive operational analyses
  • Performance audits
  • Passenger counts
  • Special route and corridor analyses
  • FTA triennial reviews
  • Scheduling and runcutting reviews
  • Paratransit reviews
  • Maintenance audits
  • Fleet inspection

Bus Line Inspection: Building Fleets and Trust

Contracting with First Transit for bus line inspection means gaining unparalleled quality assurance. Our customers know that the entire process will be efficient, reliable and timely, with quality buses compliant to the 49 CFR 663 specifications.

Because we have performed bus line inspections for more than three decades at manufacturing facilities across the globe, there is simply no one with as much experience as First Transit. Our expertise has been recognized by the Federal Transit Administration  (FTA), which has requested our input on how to properly perform an inspection as required under 49 CFR 663.

What We Offer

Whether it’s for a large fleet or just a few vehicles, we are the first choice for bus line inspection. Our job is to identify any possible defect in your fleet before it leaves the manufacturing plant; and, the years spent building relationships with suppliers are central to this. We work together because, in the end, our goals are the same: 

  • Ensuring vehicle safety
  • Timely bus delivery
  • Strict adherence to vehicle specifications
  • Strict adherence to federal regulations
  • Lower bus warranty claims and maintenance costs
  • Quick placement of buses into revenue service

At each step of the bus inspection process, First Transit stays accessible and accountable to our customers. We use a unique online system to compile and track all project information:

  • Documentation
  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Progress reports

Information can be added and updated by all stakeholders and accessed on demand. Documenting the entire bus manufacturing process keeps communication open between customers, inspectors and our project managers—keeping the inspection process organized and on track and ensuring project transparency.

Why First Transit?

First Transit has amassed an impressive record of bus production and secondary in-plant quality assurance inspections. We have inspected vehicles constructed or remanufactured by 54 different companies. The orders have ranged in size from just one to more than five hundred buses. We bring the following qualifications:

  • Previous experience at more than 60 manufacturing companies across the globe including Portugal, Hungary, Canada, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Scotland and the United States
  • Experience in providing secondary in-plant quality assurance services on more than 28,000 transit vehicles for more than 1,100 different orders
  • A time-tested and successfully proven inspection process resulting in numerous satisfied repeat clients
  • A thorough understanding of the requirements of 49 CFR 663 and the problems related to bus production inspections
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