Bonita Is Customer Service At First Transit

Jan 20, 2016

Before the holidays, we surprised Yale Shuttle Driver Bonita with an #outofthebluethanks.  Bonita works first shift driving the Yale Red Line Shuttle.  A note of appreciation was sent on her behalf from Katherine I. in Yale Library Services. It stated, “I frequently ride the Red Line and Bonita is such a considerate shuttle driver.  I really appreciate how she balances good driving skills and kindness to her passengers.”  Bonita works for First Transit, the subcontractor who manages all the driving and maintenance of Yale’s shuttle fleet. 

We coordinated with First Transit to jump on the Red Line one morning in the late fall to surprise Bonita with a gift and thank you card. Her husband was also tipped off to the mini-roadside ceremony.  She was quite stunned by our visit and started to cry as the letter was read to her out loud. Afterward, the bus passengers clapped and cheered.  She posed for a quick photo with her gifts and the flowers her husband brought.  And then it was back to business for the wonderful Bonita!