Safety Stride – Taking Steps Toward Well-Being

Oct 09, 2014

By Scott Conroy

When those of us at First Transit state – in keeping with our core values – that we are dedicated to safety, that it’s always front of mind and a way of life, we mean it. We kick off every meeting with a reminder of safety. It’s a commitment we take seriously for ourselves and for the communities we serve.

 Along with safety, we are also committed to our health and well-being. Maintaining a commitment to our health is critical to achieving success and general happiness. So when we realized we had the opportunity to combine both safety and health into one company event, of course, we jumped on it.

group photo

 As First Transit General Managers from across North America gathered for our GM meeting in Orlando, FL, we provided an opportunity for each of our attendees to participate in our first-ever Safety Stride – the perfect combination of safety and well-being.

 The Safety Stride, a 5K run/walk, provided the perfect opportunity for our GMs to get a running start on the last conference day. The course layout and topography made the 5K appealing to all fitness levels and made sure walkers and runners alike had a good time.

More than 100 GMs and other First Transit employees were up for the 6 a.m. event, which took them around the grounds of the Gaylord Palms Resort. Prizes were awarded to those who showed the most spirit by sporting the most highly visible, yet also fashionable, fitness gear in the low light of the early morning. While everyone embodied our mantra of, “If you can’t do it safely, don’t do it,” some were certainly more bold in their attire than others.

It’s our hope that the Safety Stride has laid the groundwork for future events aimed at reminding everyone of our ongoing commitment to safety and to healthier lifestyles. It’s amazing how much fun we can  have and still provide one another with opportunities and resources that support their well-being.