Mar 25, 2015

Lanai with InfoManagerWhat’s the most important benefit Special Projects Manager Lanai Tua sees in the Info-Suite applications? “Time.”

For Lanai and the Reservations, Schedulers and Dispatchers at First Transit’s call center in Seattle, WA, the Info-Manager application, as part of Info-Suite, is an invaluable tool that makes their jobs easier – often eliminating the need to search through multiple screens in Trapeze Scheduling software and providing information in minutes that would otherwise take hours to find.

“With Info-Manager, the time we need to spend on everything is cut in half. Info-Manager has the information you need to get the job done and get it done efficiently.”

Currently in Seattle, the average call time is approximately three minutes, which Lanai attributes primarily to efficiencies realized through Info-Suite. Call takers are able to quickly find the best trip options for both the customer and the system, instead of having to search through multiple screens and can negotiate trips with customers effectively.

On the scheduling and dispatching sides, Info-Manager provides tools that facilitate proactive planning and immediately highlight areas that need attention. Throughout the day, staff is able to closely monitor performance in areas like productivity and on time performance and proactively address possible problems before they occur. Management staff in Seattle also utilize Info-Suite applications as a research tool, quickly analyzing historical data and creating maps and graphical representations that make information easier to understand and visualize.

Lanai said that before Info-Manager, schedulers often had to work later hours, coming in late in the afternoon and working well into the night to react to service issues. With Info-Suite, they are able to come in earlier in the mornings because the information they need is readily available.

In place in Seattle for over a decade, the Info-Suite line of products has seen many updates over the years, and Lanai said she can’t imagine doing her job without it. “It really complements Trapeze. It consolidates the info and makes it more user friendly. “