First Transit Info-Client Strengthens Paratransit Services

Feb 13, 2015

By Sean Donovan
Head of IT, First Transit and First Vehicle Services

First Transit’s vision is to provide solutions for an increasingly congested world – keeping people moving and communities prospering. We are fully committed to improving both customer service and passenger experience while remaining focused on safety and efficiency.

Commitment to these core values and to continuous improvement, drives First Transit to work collaboratively with clients to establish and refine technologies to benefit transit services. First Transit takes great pride in leveraging skills and industry knowledge to benefit the transit systems and the passengers it serves.

Recognizing the specific needs of passengers who, as determined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are unable to ride traditional fixed-route transit services, First Transit is committed to providing safe, efficient paratransit services. To that end, we have worked with client passengers and innovative technology developers to create software applications that meet the specific needs of our paratransit passengers.

Fourth quarter of 2014, we introduced Info-Client, our paratransit travel app. This app rounds out the full Info-Suite line of products available, including Info-Manager, Info-Notification, Info-Reports, Info-BI, Info-Monitor, Info-CT, Info-Vehicle and Info-Broker.  Each of these products is designed to meet a specific need in either using or managing a paratransit service.

Info-Client – A Paratransit Travel App
Our Info-Client is a versatile and scalable mobile solution designed to keep passengers in touch with their paratransit service. Using First Transit’s Info-Suite architecture, this secure mobile application allows passengers – from any smart mobile device or computer –  to enter a unique ID and a personal password for a safe, secure connection to their service information.

This Paratransit Travel Companion utilizes scheduling and real-time information from the transit authority’s scheduling systems. The information displayed can be customized by the transit authority, using their own branding. Passengers now have greater control over their trip information with this new self-service product.  Further extending the usability of service within the hearing impaired community by offering alternatives to retrieving and accessing information, Info-Client will become yet another means of enhancing customer service and enriching the lives of our riders. 

With eight available options, passengers can view such information as:

  • Today’s and Future Day Trips
    View basic trip information, including real-time estimates of vehicle arrival.
  • Subscriptions
    View a list of current services to which the passenger subscribes.
  • Messages
    Receive enterprise or personal messages regarding service status or possible disruptions.
  • Personal Info
    View basic client record information for review and confirmation.
  • Find Me
    By pressing the  “Find Me” button, passengers send current coordinates to the call center which can be viewed on a map and communicated to a driver.
  • Info
    View Transit Authority and call center contact information, local Transit Planner site links and Twitter and Facebook page access.
  • Send Us Your Comments
    Send comments about the service to a designated location within the company.

The Info-Suite applications, including this new Paratransit Travel Companion, enable First Transit and the transit systems with whom it partners to jointly achieve continuous improvement to the services and the accessibility provided to the communities they serve.