Our Vision: We provide easy and convenient mobility, improving quality of life by connecting people and communities. 

With the world’s population now exceeding seven billion, more people live in cities than anywhere else. More people living closer together means the problems of congestion multiply; and, the need for creative transport solutions increases. Customers also expect higher levels of service with greater efficiencies. 

People are our most valuable asset, and First Transit will be there to deliver the value and care that customers expect and deserve. We understand transport systems—the lifeblood of communities—and work passionately and in partnership with customers and in the communities we serve. Safety is our way of life, not a trend. 

First Transit is responsible on all levels: 

  • Holding ourselves accountable with high standards.
  • Creating vibrant, sustainable local economies.
  • Generating the best ideas, tools, training, and opportunities.
  • Sharing a single focus: providing safe, smart, and secure transportation. solutions that keep people moving and communities prospering in an increasingly congested world.

Our Values 

Committed to our Customers 

Delivering on our promises to our customers is a core value that not only defines our integrity but differentiates us in the industry. Customer Service is engrained in the way we interact with passengers, how we respond to their feedback, how we handle our day-to-day responsibilities, and how we serve our clients. First Transit is your transportation partner who will take care of the details and bring unrivalled expertise. We keep our customers, passengers and the community at the heart of everything we do.

Dedicated to Safety

“If you cannot do it safely—don’t do it!” is a statement that is ubiquitous in our facilities, our written documents, and lives at the heart of our philosophy. Our safety program has brought in top-level safety awards: American Public Transportation Association’s “Gold Award” and the National Safety Council’s “Green Cross for Safety.”

Supportive of Each Other

Our greatest strength is our people. At 120,000 employees worldwide, FirstGroup has a network unlike any other transit company. We encourage open channels of communication, empower employees to make decisions, and nurture growth among peers.

Accountable for Performance

Working in coordination with you, our First Transit team, both local and corporate, will gain a clear understanding about our management direction and your transportation needs. We ensure we are a professional and trustworthy company through:
  • Functional organizational relationships, established lines of authority and employee responsibilities
  • Clear, detailed, and specific start-up/transition/implementation schedules
  • Frequent and open communications
  • Feedback from regional oversight and monitoring of key performance indicators

Setting the Highest Standards 

Our Quality Control Program goes beyond the basics of reporting data to provide a detailed analysis of current operational trends to promote efficiency, cost savings, and continuous improvement. Our program sets the standards for service operation and ensures that First Transit optimizes service by doing it right the first time.

Optimistic, responsive, and confident, First Transit is uniquely positioned to provide personalized, innovative transportation solutions to customers—whenever, wherever, and however they need them. First Transit will be there; trust that we’ll be here for you today, tomorrow, and every day.