Connecting People and Communities

First Transit prioritizes accessibility in transportation. In this spirit, we support WAV technology –– wheelchair accessible vehicles –– to increase reliable transportation options for riders with mobility challenges. This technology allows riders who use wheelchairs or scooters to request a ride that is guaranteed to be safe and operated by a driver who is certified in assisting people with disabilities. WAV supports First Transit’s commitment to developing transportation solutions that improves quality of life by connecting people and communities and breaking down transportation barriers.

What is WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles)?
WAV enables riders to request vehicles that are guaranteed to have ramps or lifts for those passengers who use non-folding, motorized wheelchairs. When a rider requests a ride on their mobile device using a transportation network company (TNC) app, such as Lyft, they will see an option for WAV. In markets where such vehicles are not available, information for alternative local services is sent directly to the passenger via text message as soon the ride is requested. 

Accessibility Settings Within the App
To make requesting wheelchair accessible vehicles easy, TNC apps have included a WAV Mode feature. When WAV Mode is enabled, passengers can trust that the vehicle used to provide their ride will be specially outfitted to accommodate wheelchairs.

How to Ride Using WAV
Using a TNC app such as Lyft, customers enter their destination. Once their pickup and destination addresses are confirmed, the rider can then select the WAV option that appears on their screen.

When the ride arrives, customers are encouraged to check that the vehicle matches the description of the car the app provided before entering the WAV. 

Once the destination is reached, the rider is automatically charged through their payment method on file and can exit the vehicle without any additional measures, making the process as smooth as possible. 

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