Leading the Way in Maintenance Innovation

First Transit provides industry-leading maintenance that drives down road failures, moves repairs from scheduled to unscheduled, and focuses on efficient communication.  Providing our clients with exceptional maintenance services is on of our core values.  To do this, our vehicles must operate at peak performance around the clock in every community we serve.

First Transit’s preventive maintenance program is so comprehensive that it begins with the hiring process. We work to recruit the most skilled vehicle technicians with both a passion for the work and proven expertise. Once hired, each employee follows training standards and maintenance programs. Our vehicle maintenance programs are continually updated and improved, so technicians stay current on new developments and technology.

Predictive Analytics

First Transit's Predictive Maintenance Analytics improves fleet reliability, on-time performance and passenger satisfaction.  This innovative tool gives technicians the opportunity to make repairs before a failure occurs while vehicle is in service. Utilizing Predictive Maintenance Analytics, First Transit can:

  • Predict and prioritize vehicle component failures before they happen in real time by gathering and analyzing thousands of data points
  • Move a repair from unscheduled maintenance to scheduled maintenance
  • Make repairs before the failure becomes much more expensive
  • Reduce vehicle breakdowns and road calls

Tracking and Documentation

Our preventive maintenance program drives vehicle safety; and, is tracked and documented by a comprehensive, computerized system. This ensures that scheduled maintenance is performed and that vehicles run safely and reliably. Our safety policies, procedures, notices and updates are documented in an online safety resource center, reaching employees immediately and allowing them to share tips and resources.

A computer-based system tracks inspections, repairs a

nd costs, for every vehicle, ensuring that fleets are always in compliance with contractual, federal, state and municipal regulations.

In-Depth Fleet Analysis

Technicians perform bus inspections at regular intervals to predict and prevent problems and to minimize impact on vehicle availability. Using failure analysis, we collect and analyze data; identify root causes of a problem; and, implement an action plan in order to reach the optimum level of preventive maintenance that can be performed. The result is our ability to complete 100% of the work, 100% of the time; and, ensure buses are reliable, safe and on time.

Paperless Shop

First Transit has bought together all of the information that technicians require to perform preventive and diagnostic vehicle services.  The handheld technology of the tablet enables technicians to operate in real time, reducing costs and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our maintenance shop.

Tablets allow our technicians to document preventive maintenance inspections, record various maintenance functions and work orders from anywhere in the shop.  Technicians are able to check vehicle history, repeat repairs, roadcall reports and open defects on the tablets.  All vehicle wiring schematics, service manuals and service bulletins are available instantly to the technicians on the tablets. Each technician has their work assignments set on the devices. 

With our technicians working more efficiently, they are able to spend more time on the actual maintenance of the fleet, and not spent so much time on paperwork.  They also have the capability to work smarter - having work history, wiring schematics and repair manuals at their fingertips at all times.

Documented Maintenance Success

The entire maintenance process is documented through our web-based maintenance software. Work orders capture and store all pertinent vehicle information. This data provides reports on vehicle inventory, billing, invoicing, and labor. The end result is an accurate picture of the running cost of your fleets, making it easier to adjust and even reduce your costs.

With such an in-depth program in place, it’s no surprise that more than 60 of our locations have earned the Blue Seal of Excellence from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.