Three Employees Honored by the Houston Airports

Jan 02, 2018

Houston airport
Houston Airports recently held its fourth annual Houston Friendly Rewards and Recognition Awards Luncheon.

This year, shuttle operators Zora Campbell, Earnest Smith and Customer Service Representative Keyshun Tensley from our location in Houston, Texas, were nominated for the “Houston Friendly Award.”  The award honors individuals who demonstrate excellence in customer service to passengers traveling though Houston's airports.

“I am so incredibly proud of Zora, Earnest and Keyshun for the great work they do in providing exceptional customer service,” said assistant general manager Lori Heidelberger. “Considering we had three nominations from a very large pool of eligible airport employees, speaks volumes about our commitment to our customers.”

Congratulations Zora, Earnest and Keyshun on being nominated for the “Houston Friendly Award.” Keep up the great work!