Pioneering a New Kind of Technology

First Transit’s proprietary Info-Suite technology is a key element in achieving the goals of our paratransit service delivery plan – providing efficient, high quality paratransit service. Our Info-Suite collection of applications addresses and represents all aspects of service management, from the real-time review and performance of live service to the planning, reporting, and analysis behind each schedule.

Within this suite of applications are the following featured products, each devoted to and addressing different areas of paratransit service.


First Transit’s proprietary Info-Manager software solution provides everything needed to identify inefficiencies, make well-informed operational decisions, and manage issues within your system. This specialized software ties directly with the technology solutions already in place including scheduling software, MDTs, IVR, and AVL - providing valuable operational information at your fingertips. 

Among the many tools and features available within Info-Manager is a common theme: Productivity and Efficiency. The available tools within Info-Manager ensure service can be monitored and evaluated at every step of the Trip Lifecycle. Each tool is designed with the needs and expectations of an efficient operation in mind, working to align First Transit technology solutions with your business objectives and requirements.


First Transit’s Info-BI transforms how our managers access and interact with critical points of operations - allowing them to make faster, more informed and smarter decisions. This mobile solution drives efficiency in First Transit’s operations through the measurement and improvement of operations-based performance indicators. Info-BI provides our management teams with easy access to crucial operational information and important real-time KPI metrics such as:

  • Service productivity
  • On-time performance
  • Missed trips, no-shows & cancellations (compared to total scheduled trips)
  • Distance and hours

With interactive drill-down capabilities to the route level, First Transit management teams will have mobile access to almost any facet of service operations, anytime or anywhere.


Info-Client is a versatile and scalable mobile solution designed to keep riders in touch with their paratransit service. Using the established Info-Suite architecture, passengers can now have access to their service information 24/7, wherever they may be! 

With Info-Client, passengers have safe access to the following information:

  • Today’s and Future Day Trips – View basic trip information, including real-time estimates for vehicle arrival
  • Recurring Trips View information for recurring trips
  • Subscriptions – View a list of current subscription service
  • Messages – Receive personal messages or mass-notifications regarding service status or disruptions   
  • Personal Info – View basic client record information for review and confirmation
  • Find Me – Help with locating riders as it allows the rider to send current coordinates to the call center where they can be viewed on a map and communicated to the driver
  • Info – View Transit Authority information, call center contact information and local Transit Planner site links
  • Send Us Your Comments – Send comments about the service to a designated location within the company

With immediate access to trip information and real-time ETAs, overall benefits can be realized including reductions to inbound calls, as well as an increase in passenger satisfaction.


First Transit understands and embraces transit passengers’ growing demand for immediate mobile access to information. Info-Notification delivers ride notifications, updates and information about service whenever, however, and wherever they want. Notification options include an automated phone call informing of service changes or rider-specific updates, SMS/text messages relaying trip information, or emails sent to update customers on service policy.