Honoring two employees for their two decades of service

Jan 30, 2018

two drivers - 20 years of service
General Manager Paul Johnson from our Burnsville, Minnesota, location acknowledges  two of his employees: Road Supervisor Bobbi Chelf Tako and Driver/Trainer Towanda Loving for their two decades of service.

Bobbi started her career as a bus driver for First Student. She later transferred to First Transit and became a valuable member of the paratransit driver training program. In 2015, when the Burnsville location opened, Bobbi was promoted to road supervisor, where she continues to be instrumental in improving the location’s street operations, as well as instructing drivers on key safety touchpoints while reinforcing the safety culture. 

Towanda’s career began as a paratransit driver and trainer that continues to this day. As a driver trainer, she mentors future drivers for success in the paratransit market. Last year, Towanda received the Million Mile Safe Drive Award, recognizing her extraordinary accomplishment of driving a million miles without a preventable accident.

During a recent safety meeting, Bobbi and Towanda were recognized for their 20 years of service and received a service pin.

“It’s employees like Bobbi and Towanda who are the backbone of this company,” said Paul. “Their level of dedication to their work and to our customers clearly illustrates they are the best-of-the-best. I am glad they are a part of our team.”

Thank you, Bobbi and Towanda, for your 20 years of service. You certainly are exceptional role models for us in the transportation industry.