Shared Autonomous Vehicle (SAV) Mobility Solutions

Shared autonomous vehicles are enhancing the future of mobility.  First Transit is leading the way in the design, implementation, safe operation, and management of shared autonomous vehicle solutions on behalf of our customers and the communities we serve. Through our growing portfolio of shared autonomous vehicle initiatives, First Transit has the experience to deliver a shared autonomous vehicle mobility solution.  

The Future Of Transportation

As automated vehicle technology and artificial intelligence continue to evolve, their adoption in passenger transportation is a present reality for transit agencies and private firms across the globe.

Recognizing this technology’s benefits, First Transit works with clients and partners to deploy driver-less vehicles as an integrated mobility solution.

What is a Shared Automated Vehicle

Shared Automated Vehicles (“SAV”) are low-speed driver-less vehicles that are “shared” between multiple users.

An efficient alternative to privately-owned vehicles, SAVs provide a shared-ride solution for safely moving people from point A to point B.

Practical solutions for Automated Vehicles and Technology

Automated vehicles are a viable alternative to traditional buses and can be used in a number of applications and operating environments:

  • Integration with public transportation system as a circulator
  • University or corporate campus shuttle
  • Airport shuttles, baggage, or cargo movers
  • Residential and commercial developments
  • Retirement homes
  • Hospitals
  • Theme parks or other event centers
  • First mile/last mile solutions for rail and fixed route bus service

What First Transit Can Do for You

First Transit merges six decades of passenger transportation experience with extensive experience in the shared automated vehicle space. We work with clients to determine the best solutions for their automated mobility needs, including:

  • Identifying, testing, and deploying the right vehicles and technology
  • Developing optimal operational scenarios
  • Integrating automated vehicle service into public transportation networks
  • Implementing private shuttle services in a variety of operational environments
  • Providing and developing AV-focused training, safety, and maintenance procedures


Bishop Ranch Office Park in San Ramon, Calif.

GoMentum Station in Concord, Calif.

City of Arlington in Arlington, Texas

SAV roadshow with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

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