A grateful and relieved customer after return of expensive camera

Mar 21, 2017

liz at las
Vacations can be a great way to escape the realities of life and just enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation. That is of course, if everything goes as planned.

Unfortunately, sometimes vacations can be difficult and disappointing if items are lost or accidentally left behind.

Frank, a visitor from Sydney, Australia, utilized the McCarran International Airport shuttle to transport him from the County’s Rent-A-Car Center in Las Vegas, Nevada to
the airport. 

All things went as planned until he arrived home only to find his expensive camera, camera bag, and contents were missing. In Frank’s frantic rush to catch his flight home, he left his camera bag and its contents in the airport shuttle.

He contacted First Transit in Las Vegas, Nev. and spoke to Administrative Assistant to the General Manager Lin Salzano about the missing camera. Much to Frank’s relief, Lin verified the camera was found.

After Lin received an email from Frank outlining a detailed list of what was missing, she mailed the camera and its contents to a very thankful and grateful customer.

Weeks later, Lin received an email from Frank thanking her and Driver Reginald Franklin for finding and returning his prized procession, his camera.

“I had just resigned myself to the fact that I was never going to see the camera again," Frank Zayzon wrote in his email. “I was so overjoyed when you told me that the camera, bag and contents were found. Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am in getting my camera back.”

First Transit has been providing shuttle bus service for the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center for more than nine years. It operates 48 shuttle buses and employs 88 full-time drivers and 11 part-time drivers.

Going the extra mile, and in this case 7,721 miles, to reunite a customer with his camera and vacation photos is truly a testimony of our employees going above and beyond. Thank you Lin and Reginald for demonstrating that we value each customer, even when they live half-way around the world.