Twitter chat spotlights transit training #allcanride

Jul 11, 2016

In late June, First Transit held its first Twitter Chat in partnership with our location in Seattle, Washington. First Transit’s only location in North America that conducts transit or travel training, Location Manager Tom Irvin and Transit Options Program Manager Jeanette Frazier provided guidance on the answers for the moderated chat session. 

twitter chat

Transit training programs work with individuals who typically leverage paratransit and provides training and confidence to ride fixed-route operations. The instructors work to develop a greater sense of independence among program participants. The Twitter chat was focused around the hashtag #allcanride.

According to Jeanette, the Pathway Review team reviews frequent para-transit trips and find pathways that are barrier-free according to specific limitations issued by the eligibility team. “By offering this pathway they give riders another option to their transportation need and help to save the county money in the process,” she said.